I was born in Boston in the Fall of 1984 to an Irish American sailor and a Chinese Canadian librarian. In the Fall of 1991 I saw a million ducks and predicted the Harry Potter franchise's formula for success with startling accuracy.

My formative years were spent at the Nation's oldest co-educational institution and oldest continuously running boarding school, with a brief layover in the People's Republic of China for some noodles. In 2007 I earned my BFA from Cornell University with a dual concentration in painting and drawing.

I am currently working on art all night and every day. I would probably love an espresso.

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        Professional exploits, printed ephemera, publications & periodicals.

Interviews, 6/3/08 | Globecat, 10/27/08 |, 10/29/08

Ming @ & Ming @
        For updates, adventures, sketches &c.

Letters to Walken
        I'm responsible for several letters, including;
            An Acquaintance?, Tap Dance Forever!, An Acquaintance? Year 2,
            Rebecca from MA, I'm Chinese! and Wow.

Days of Boom and Bust: New Art from the Gold Rush
        My contributions to another Bird Exhibit;
            The Mother Load! and Portrait of Billy Fish.

Don's Sketchbook
        A drawing of me done by talented (and Canadian!) illustrator Don Sparrow.

Ming Doyle IS Batgirl!
        A drawing of my Batgirl costume in action by the gifted Mike Maihack.

Zero Sleep Beauty
        An unfinished dark fairy tale from my high school days.

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