On the Prowl
Pen, ink, & PS7, 2007


In this new Fall collection from Stolen Couture, the timeless Miss Selina Kyle transitions seamlessly from day to evening to darkest night in three signature styles.

Selina's set to cause serious shopping damage in the trendy clothing boutiques of Gotham City's edgy Pope District in a "plum crazy" minidress, and just as prepared to cut a path through flimsy socialites to find some real diamonds amidst the fluff in an "emerald endeavors" evening gown. Of course she's also eager to see if her Bat's caved in to the water-resistant and figure-enhancing charms of her ever in demand "urban anti-vigilante" bodysuit!

With the help of these hot new looks, here's one cool Cat who won't be left out in the cold when it comes to dressing for any occasion.


Night and Day
Pen, ink, & PS7, 2007